Workshop: Konkret by Miteni

Workshop: Konkret by Miteni Around the second quarter of the year, the team at was able to get down and dirty with a fun small workshop of concrete named Konkret Workshop facilitated by Miteni, a research based initiative. The team at Miteni introduced an exploration and experimentation of form, colours, textures and technique through raw concrete. The exercise we were given on that day was to design and create our own business card holder. Each of us had the chance to grasp a better understanding of concrete through the simplified steps of mold design, mixture preparation, and pour to cast, which were all well prepared by Miteni. Everyone at had a really intriguing experience as every person was able to personalize their own item to their liking while exploring the limitations of raw concrete. Concrete mixing was not as rocket science as we thought it was, but figuring out a proper ratio of concrete-water-aggregate was key for a proper result.  Once all designs were cast, we had to wait a few days for the concrete to properly cure before we could take off the molds. The experience of taking off the molds was another excitement on its own as expectations of the reveal were met for some and exceeded for some, yet overall the workshop itself was quite an engaging session for all. – Photographs by Miteni
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