TAL Residence - Jakarta
TAL Residence is a two-storey townhouse project for three siblings to live in, situated on the urban fringe of West Jakarta. The modest narrow plot size of 7x18m requires us to open up a narrow chasm on one side of the boundary wall and a skylight on the other in order to allow natural light into the interior of the house. Finishes palette inside are chosen to be light and bright to reflect the youthful spirit of the inhabitants as well as to allow the light to reflect and diffuse into the deepest part of the house on the ground floor area. Ground floor area comprises of the living, dining and pantry area with service area located to the rear of the house. The upper floor contains 3 bedrooms and a laundry area, with the master bedroom given a double-height balcony at the front facade of the house to not only maximise light but also enjoy the view towards a communal garden located diagonally across.
Services:Architecture & Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Tubagus Anugrah Trihendarta
Civil works:Arka Construction
Photography:Ernest Theofilus