SWD Residence - Jakarta
studio.talk was given the task of designing the interior of an empty 4 bedroom penthouse unit in North Jakarta that had never been lived in before since the handover from the developer. The apartment had an amazing corner view towards Jakarta's CBD skylines and an open plan corner positioning for the living , dining area, which compliments and maximises this favourable aspect of the unit. However, the unit's backbone had plenty of issues with messy, ill-considered false ceiling and bulkhead placements along with lacklustre finishes throughout the unit, which detracts one's appreciation of the potential of this unit upon walking in. Our take to enhance the interior for this young family of 3 was to create a relaxed sanctuary up in the sky amidst the bustling traffic below. We rectified the messy ceiling by orchestrating a spatial narrative, which builds up upon entry to the foyer area and progressively culminating in the heightened corner of the apartment with the splendid views out. The four rooms within the unit comprised of a master bedroom, bedrooms for the kid and guest as well as a study. Throughout the unit, we selected the finishes to be consistent in its naturalness, lightness and tactility in order to maintain congruency and flow of the apartment as a whole - all in the spirit of creating the urban sanctuary up in the sky.
Services:Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Prameswari Pujianto
Civil works:Andala Construction
Photography:Ernest Theofilus