Segar Bugar Exhibition
Segar Bugar showcases an exhibition that reexamines history of conservation in Jakarta and few other parts in Indonesia, covering as early as the beginning of the 20th century up until present day. The presented theme, 'jamu', a traditional indonesian herbal drink, is used as a metaphor to showcase the long journey of conservation. Segar Bugar pressents the concept similar to as how one consumes 'jamu', to revitalize and hope to preserve one self, in this case them being buildings and artifacts in Jakarta. The exhibition design by has taken the importance of history conservation with its playful concept into account and created an interactive layout.
Services:Exhibition Design
Curatorial Team:Rux
Production Team:Serrum
Exhibition Design Team:Anissa Santoso, Levina Limanyaja, Tefilla Pelafu