PE Residence
PE Residence is a renovation work for an existing older 6 x 20m two-storey terrace house located in the south of Jakarta. The client, a young urban professional, requested a complete facade makeover and a re-layout exercise to the existing floorplan to turn it into a 'landed SOHO' - a work-living arrangement where he could have his home office at the front of the house, while the more private side is located at the rear and in the upper storey of the house. Natural light and the feeling of claustrophobia have always been an issue in such a narrow site. As a response, we simplified the facade and the planning to make it more streamlined in order to open the space a lot more whilst employing a sky well to bring in more natural light within the deeper confine of the site.
Completion:2018 -
Services:Architecture, Interior Design
Team:Talisa Danubrata, Hendar Prihatin, Raisha Rifdaa