Luminor Hotel - Tanjung Selor
Luminor Tanjung Selor is a three-star hotel located in the capital heart of Kalimantan Utara, Indonesia. entered this project midway through construction and we were given the brief to redesign the façade as well as the interior of the hotel to suit a modern business hotel that aims to be a landmark within the region – the venue of choice for visiting dignitaries and to carry out major events. Finishes are chosen to reflect a modern sensibility – a timeless ambience to put the hotel on par amongst its peers in other larger cities of Indonesia. As technical skillsets and logistic are both an issue in such a remote location, simplicity and durability of chosen materials throughout the project becomes a key driver in the design of the hotel. Planned Opening : Early 2020.
Completion:In construction
Services:Partial Architecture & Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Levina Limanjaya, Talisa Danubrata, Anissa Santoso, Karina Wiriadidjaja