KNT Residence - Jakarta
KNT Residence is a three-storey house in North Jakarta, situated in a corner plot orientated towards the south and the west. It is designed to be a tropical, modern refuge for a multi-generational household, who often host larger gatherings of family and friends at their home. As a result of their exposure to the hot western sun, the house employs sun-screening devices as part of its front facade coupled with expansive eaves and a generous buffer zone between the screens and the fenestrations behind it to combat further heat gain during the late afternoon. Spatially and sectionally, the spaces inside are arranged to revolve around pockets of garden and lightwells spread across different levels, allowing for plenty of natural light and cross-breeze ventilation to occur and take heat away very quickly as soon as the windows are open, creating a very comfortable internal sanctuary for the occupants to work, live and entertain.
Services:Architecture & Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Prameswari Pujianto
Photography:MWP Studio
Civil works:Rudi Prijono
Built-in-furniture:Metric Kitchen