JUKIR Headquarter
JUKIR is a tech start-up that aims to revolutionise the parking industry in Indonesia by streamlining and formalizing what is currently a very informal affair. The brief that was given to us was to create an office space which encapsulates the vibrant vibe of a tech start-up office and one that threads the middle line between an old-school paradigm of a traditional office setting and a fun, open plan, flexible office environment that will appeal to the millennial crowd. As a result, the headquarter is arranged into various zones - each having a different level of flexibility and permanency to cater to different styles of working. The bar-height hot desks are suited for more mobile staffs such as those in the sales and marketing department, while the amphitheatre can be used for casual group discussions to a larger townhall event. Meeting rooms are divided into a formal meeting room as well as semi informal ‘booths’ for informal or Skype meetings. As for the workstation area, desks are grouped together to enhance the sense of team work with a breakout space to cater to internal discussions.
Services:Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Talisa Danubrata, Levina Limanjaya, Karina Wiriadidjaja, Hendar Prihatin
3D Illustration:Rendergeek