JHR Residence - Jakarta
Sited on a corner plot in a cluster homes comprising of mostly pseudo-classical style homes in the north of Jakarta, the house was designed to accomodate 5 bedrooms and an open-plan living + dining spread over three storeys. In a similar spirit to the tripartite arrangement employed in classical architecture, the open plan living and dining area are raised on the ‘piano nobile’ floor while most of the bedrooms are on the topmost floors and the service areas as well as guest bedroom are located on the ground floor. The light-filled stairs serve as the central organising spine of the house, with a continuous timber balustrade guiding one from the ground floor to the topmost level of the house. Given the advantageous exposure of the house which has facade opportunity on all three sides, the house is also designed to maximise access not only to natural light but also cross ventilation breeze, an important aspect in the humid, tropical climate of Jakarta. A composite timber screen is employed to give privacy to the master bedroom area at the top as well as casting beautiful shadowplay in the interiors of the house for the first half of the day.
Services:Architecture & Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Karina Wiriadidjaja, Levina Limanjaya, Talisa Danubrata, Hendar Prihatin
Photography:Ernest Theofilus