Hanaguni Japanese Cuisine - Kelapa Gading
Hanaguni is a new Japanese restaurant located in Kelapa Gading in the north of Jakarta. Previously, it was an adjoining row of three shophouses, now reimaged as a restaurant serving classical Japanese cuisine. As it was a leased space, we decided to give the building a quick fresh makeover by installing a façade screen which emulates traditional Japanese timber screens, allowing the restaurant to instill a sense of presence amongst its neighbours. Inside, the restaurants are divided into two dining areas – sushi and sashimi at the ground floor and teppanyaki grills on the second floor, both having tatami seating areas for a semi-private group dining. There are many references made to classic traditional Japanese motifs scattered throughout the interior, beginning from the door handle of the restaurant, resembling the Japanese flag, to the Shoji washi screens to camouflage the columns as well as the lasercut feature walls on each floor to represent the close ties of the Japanese culture with water and earth elements.
Completion:2018 - 2019
Services:Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Karina Wiriadidjaja, Hendar Prihatin, Shania Tahir
Photography:William Sutanto