Gerhana - Super Rattan
This year premiered its first furniture design collection in collaboration with Super Rattan, a company specializing in rattan craftsmanship. Consisting of an 11-piece living collection – Gerhana – is conceived as a celebration of the many inherent qualities of natural rattan, marrying the heritage of local rattan bending and weaving with the sensibilities and needs of modern living. Gerhana, inspired by the Indonesian word for lunar eclipse, reflects the ability of natural rattan to achieve sensuous curves, creating geometries which are both playful and feminine. Simultaneously, the collection intends to emulate feelings of being at home in a modern living room with a touch of tropical nostalgia, with the intention that it can be a collection of furniture that can be enjoyed not only by Indonesians, but also adopted in the settings of many houses overseas.
Services:Furniture Design
Photography:Sugi Hermawan