4S Residence - Jakarta
4S Residence is an older 3-bedrooms apartment, built in the late nineties and located in the very heart of Jakarta's Golden Triangle. It has a generous open plan living area, a separate kitchen quarter and modest size bedrooms. We were tasked to rejuvenate the apartment to become more relevant to the contemporary times and taste of the new, young occupants whilst still retaining its air of grandeur from its past life. We were initially faced with too much cream walls, heavy upholstery, an existing marble floor pattern which are quite strong and glossy - very much reflective of the prevalent taste at the turn-of-the-century Indonesia. However, the backbone of the apartment itself is good and has aged well. As a result, we decided to keep most things and freshen everything up by painting a fresh coat of white. We then try and tone the space down by dulling the existing floors to a matte finish and introducing a serene, almost monochromatic palette across the whole interior. As the owners are also just starting their journey to collect, we wanted to reflect that aspiration and inject a little of that cool, edginess of what a modern Parisienne Pied-a-Terre would be like in our mind by mix and matching different kind of objects and shapes within the space; almost like a starting canvas to a growing, future collection of artefacts and collectibles for the owners as time goes by. This also enables the owners to easily transport most of the items as most are either loose or can be re-assembled to a bigger home should they outsize this one in the future.
Services:Interior Design
Team:Adi Janitra, Shania Tahir
Photography:Ernest Theofilus
Civil works:-