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Established in 2016, is a design practice founded by a collective of four architects and an interior designer united by the same appreciation for sensitive sensory spaces as well as a passion for materiality, refinements and craftmanships. With a collective experience of nearly 30 years in various fields of design ranging from private residential development to mass retail and hospitality projects, strives to deliver highly responsive rational design solutions to the brief requirements whilst remaining fresh and imaginative with an exploration through colour, light and texture.

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Adi Janitra B. Arch. Studies, M. Arch.


A founding director of, Adi received his Bachelor of Architectural Studies, and later on his Master of Architecture from the University of Melbourne in 2008 and 2011 respectively, with short stints at University of California, Berkeley as well as Universität Stuttgart, Germany. Having worked previously in both Melbourne and Jakarta, he has led design teams working on a range of projects, ranging from private residential and hospitality projects to larger master planning exercises. A staunch believer in the importance of experiential and sensorial quality from a user perspective through a particular space, Adi believes in enhancing the inherent character of a particular building or space, furnishing them with his wealth of knowledge in materiality, refined details and contemporary products. The wanderlust of the team, he also constantly draws inspirations from his journeys to new places to discover and engage in other cultures and experiences. An avid scuba diver and a horticultural enthusiasts, he hopes to design a tropical eco resort one day in the far flung pristine corners of South East Asia.

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Anissa Santoso S.T.


Anissa is a founding director of, having received her Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) from Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia in 2010 prior to joining DP Architects in Singapore. At DP Architects, she was involved in the design of public institutional projects such as NUS University Town project and Sengkang General and Community Hospital. In 2014, she returned to Jakarta to join a multi-national firm and heads the design team for all the regional projects for the firm, ranging from private residential to mid to high rise buildings. A process-oriented individual, she leads the project coordination and contract administration aspects of the building process at to ensure projects move forward and designs are executed accordingly to standard. A working mother of one (so far), her dream is to develop design solutions be it a furniture piece or a larger scale project, which responds directly and contributes positively to more child-friendly environments – a pressing widespread issue which she finds concerning in a developing country such as Indonesia.

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Levina Limanjaya B.Des., S.Sn.

Principal (Interior Design)

A whimsical individual at heart, Levina heads the interior design arm of with her distinctive design direction. She received her dual degree of Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Design from University of Pelita Harapan, Indonesia and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia in 2013. Having led the designs of several renowned retail and F&B concepts in Jakarta prior to founding, she specialises in infusing the user experience with equal parts of thoughtful design refinements as well as playful surprising ideas that are often out of the box, fresh and rewarding. A firm believer in the integration of space and branding, her dream project would be to work with cities of Indonesia to design and rebrand themselves, giving them a higher presence regionally and globally.

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Talisa Danubrata S.T.


A founding director of, Talisa, or more fondly known as Asya, believes in the concept of the quiet design – a design which is sensitive, subtle and thoughtful, yet profound in ways in which one experiences the design. As a result, she develops an affinity working on high-end private residential projects as well as hospitality projects where a heightened sense of experiential quality is very much called for. She graduated from her Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia as one of the top graduates amongst her peers in 2014. Following which, she garnered several years of practical experience working for several local firms in Jakarta including Han Awal & Partners. Asya is meticulous, detail-oriented and experienced in imbuing projects with subtle interventions and poetic spaces.

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Karina Wiriadidjaja S.T.


Karina is a founding director of with a strong interest in retail and hospitality design. She believes in a design process which responds directly to a pressing issue of a project and offers a holistic solution which can directly be enjoyed by the target users. She received her Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) from Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) in 2014. Following which, she had enjoyed a stint working in Bali on hospitality projects prior to returning to Jakarta to work on various range of projects including high-end residential works in Singapore to mixed-use retail F&B concepts in Jakarta to large-scale resort master planning in Eastern Indonesia. A minimalist at her core, Karina has an affinity for simplification – an essential process she believes will bring out and enhance even more the beauty of a particular space through a reductive approach with an eye for sophisticated detailings.