2018 Wrap Up 2018 Wrap Up – 2018 is coming to an end, and it is the perfect time to look back upon the journey that the team has carried throughout this year.It has been an exciting year overall, starting off by welcoming new members to the team, tackling various projects together, participating in insightful events, and ending it off with excitement of what’s next to come! Here’s a closer glimpse of’s 2018. 2018 took off with the grand openings of a few F&B and commercial rejuvenation projects, such as Es Teller 77’s flagship store at Mall Pondok Indah, Kopitiam retails at a couple of Jakarta’s notable office towers, Branché Bistro & Cyclo Coffee at Senopati, as well as Osella’s clothing retail in Senen, Jakarta.’s residential and hospitality projects are progressing well and are respectively in their construction phases – KNT ResidenceJHR Residence, PR residence, and Luminor Hotel at Tanjung Selor are to name a few. The team at are very eager to see their designs come to life. As start-up companies are on the rise and expressively creative, had the chance to explore in exhibition booth designs for Gorgeous Beautiful Angels Cosmetics (Goban) at Senayan City in June as well as Kerokoo Swimwear at Brightspot Market, Pacific Place in late October. These pop-up booth designs inspire us to be much more playful and expressive. premiered Gerhana, as our first 11-piece furniture collection collaborated with Super Rattan. On top of that, we are very excited to announce a new future release labeled the Stora collection coming early next year. These are just the few design fields that has recently engaged in. Within the local Architecture & Design community, we had the pleasure to exhibit and participate in several of this year’s events. First of all, our previously designed timber furniture titled Asymmetry was exhibited in IDentities at CASA Indonesia by Bekraf. Furthermore, the most highlighted event of the year was certainly the Bintaro Design District Festival (BDD) – very well curated by Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono, & Hermawan Tanzil – where we exhibited selected pieces from the Gerhana collection at Kopimanyar, Bintaro. The studio tours and discussion forums held during BDD were very inspiring and insightful. Goban Night was also particularly fun and engaging as a forum. Another forum that we also look forward this December 2018 would be Ibu Arsitek. That essentially wraps up what the team at has been up to during 2018, we look forward to welcoming 2019 with high hopes and excitement! On that note, we would like to thank the entire team and all collaborators for their time and support with We wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best Regards,
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