Exhibition: Borderless Interaction at Bintaro Design District 2019

This year studio.talk has taken BDD’s theme of inclusivity by celebrating the process of design that involves purpose, environment, culture, and human behaviour.   

In collaboration with STORA, we have taken a number of Trio stools, that were initially designed for commercial and hospitality use, into Bintaro’s local environments such as warung vendors, security posts, public installations, etc. that may be untouched to the concept of design.

The idea of these installments is to celebrate the interaction of individuals from various backgrounds with a different take of a common stool, in this case Stora’s Trio stool designed by studio.talk.  BDD visitors are very welcome to stop by the locales. (see map for more information)

The locations that we chose are a variety of culinary and gathering spots in Bintaro. Interesting conversations came up with the locals during the time spent with the stools on site and these are some of the highlights: 


There are situations where the Trio Stool is an eye-catching object:

“Nyaman, lebar untuk didudukin.”

“Kenapa tiga kaki? Illuminati?”

“Bagus, kayunya kokoh. Beli dimana?”

A few question its integrity:

“Kepalanya aga berat, di lahan miring mudah jatuh.”

“Kalo duduknya aga miring, suka ada yang jatuh..”

“Kalau ada sikunya kan pasti lebih nggak goyang. Kaki kita juga bisa nyangga disitu kan, lebih enak minum kopinya.”


To others the Trio Stool is just indifferent:

“Biasa saja, seperti kursi-kursi lainnya.”

In some cases, new ideas pop up:

“Ini pasti Jokowi suka nih, coba kontak Pak Jokowi”

“Wah bener ya pak, Pak Jokowi kan cinta produk lokal ya pak”

“Nah iya, coba dicari tuh WA nya Pak Jokowi”

“Nanti pak saya cari, siapa tau dia mau beli ya pak”


This opportunity has bore fruit to new understandings and fun anecdotes of what a stool may or may not be as a design with the help of Bintaro’s local society. Overall, studio.talk’s Borderless Interaction has not only been an exciting experience for us to portray Stora’s Trio stool in different settings but to engage and discover local favorites in Bintaro.

The team at studio.talk are very pleased and grateful to have collaborated with these Bintaro’s local favorites:

Bubur Ayam Pak Rahmat – Bintaro Sek. 5

Warung Nasi Si Akang – Bintaro Sek. 2

Warung Kopi Ponjay 24 – Bintaro Sek. 3A

Gardu Satpam Perumahan Pondok Jaya – Bintaro Sek. 3A


Workshop: Konkret by Miteni Around the second quarter of the year, the team at studio.talk was able to get down and dirty with a fun small workshop of concrete named Konkret Workshop facilitated by Miteni, a research based initiative. The team at Miteni introduced an exploration and experimentation of form, colours, textures and technique through raw concrete. The exercise we were given on that day was to design and create our own business card holder. Each of us had the chance to grasp a better understanding of concrete through the simplified steps of mold design, mixture preparation, and pour to cast, which were all well prepared by Miteni. Everyone at studio.talk had a really intriguing experience as every person was able to personalize their own item to their liking while exploring the limitations of raw concrete. Concrete mixing was not as rocket science as we thought it was, but figuring out a proper ratio of concrete-water-aggregate was key for a proper result.  Once all designs were cast, we had to wait a few days for the concrete to properly cure before we could take off the molds. The experience of taking off the molds was another excitement on its own as expectations of the reveal were met for some and exceeded for some, yet overall the workshop itself was quite an engaging session for all. – Photographs by Miteni


Mumpung di Mampang + Goban Night #15

As studio.talk’s furniture designs have become more and more of a complete set, the team at studio.talk wanted to celebrate the occasion by transforming the office into a pop-up mini exhibition of STORA & Super Rattan’s collection.

What better way to celebrate than to have friends come over, in which it was studio.talk’s turn to host Goban Night that month and decided that the 15th Goban Night would be the opening night for studio.talk’s mini exhibit, Mumpung di MampangStudio.talk hosted Goban Night on November 20th, 2019 and announced that Mumpung di Mampang pop-up exhibit will be open for public throughout November 21st-25th, 2019.

Familiar faces from the architecture & design community started to warm up the exhibition space and waited for the event to start. Going a little bit different from the usual topic of architecture, that night studio.talk was honoured to have Ibu Maya from Hanara Health & Wellness to present a material that talks about holistic health and how it can relate to the creative industry.

Our body is full of energy, full of vibrations..” Ibu Maya mentioned.

She continued to explain that our body exerts good and bad vibrations. The benefits of keeping the good vibes present in our daily lives will not only effect ourselves personally and the people we work with but also our creative work. Ibu Maya also demonstrated a simple mechanism of bio-feedback, using one’s own body as a way of bench-marking the impacts of good vibes all around us. The room was definitely filled with good vibrations from the audience as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves from all the demonstration.

Everyone at studio.talk certainly had a wonderful time that night! We would like to thank everyone for attending the opening of Mumpung di Mampang at Goban Night #15 and a special thanks to Ibu Maya for the inspiring presentation.

Photographs by Ames & Marsha


                                        Exhibition: Stargaze Armchair at Maison et Objet 2019

Early in the year, studio.talk received an exciting news that our Stargaze Armchair for Super Rattan has been selected to be showcased along with other proudly made local products, representing Indonesia’s Pavilion under the ‘Tropical Living’ theme at Maison et Objet 2019’s Exhibition in Paris,France. Together with Bekraf and HDII one of Super Rattan’s highlighted armchair was able to be admired and enjoyed by all visitors of the exhibit throughout the 6th-10th of September, 2019.

Exhibition: STORA by studio.talk at Bridestory – With this year’s recently designed furniture line of STORA by studio.talk, the new collection was introduced and launched during one of the most anticipated exhibitions in Jakarta, where many to-be married couples get to plan their wedding as well as their future home at Bridestory. STORA’s collection aspires to cater the modern needs of a work-live-play situation where square metres are getting tighter, flexibility in space utilization is paramount and the crave for a certain unique identity is constant and never ending. This time studio.talk creates STORA’s pieces through playful explorations with solid timber. STORA’s booth was also designed by studio.talk to portray the collection’s characteristics of warm, intimate, and whimsical. –
studio.talk 2018 Wrap Up – 2018 is coming to an end, and it is the perfect time to look back upon the journey that the studio.talk team has carried throughout this year.It has been an exciting year overall, starting off by welcoming new members to the team, tackling various projects together, participating in insightful events, and ending it off with excitement of what’s next to come! Here’s a closer glimpse of studio.talk’s 2018. 2018 took off with the grand openings of a few F&B and commercial rejuvenation projects, such as Es Teller 77’s flagship store at Mall Pondok Indah, Kopitiam retails at a couple of Jakarta’s notable office towers, Branché Bistro & Cyclo Coffee at Senopati, as well as Osella’s clothing retail in Senen, Jakarta. Studio.talk’s residential and hospitality projects are progressing well and are respectively in their construction phases – KNT ResidenceJHR Residence, PR residence, and Luminor Hotel at Tanjung Selor are to name a few. The team at studio.talk are very eager to see their designs come to life. As start-up companies are on the rise and expressively creative, studio.talk had the chance to explore in exhibition booth designs for Gorgeous Beautiful Angels Cosmetics (Goban) at Senayan City in June as well as Kerokoo Swimwear at Brightspot Market, Pacific Place in late October. These pop-up booth designs inspire us to be much more playful and expressive. Studio.talk premiered Gerhana, as our first 11-piece furniture collection collaborated with Super Rattan. On top of that, we are very excited to announce a new future release labeled the Stora collection coming early next year. These are just the few design fields that studio.talk has recently engaged in. Within the local Architecture & Design community, we had the pleasure to exhibit and participate in several of this year’s events. First of all, our previously designed timber furniture titled Asymmetry was exhibited in IDentities at CASA Indonesia by Bekraf. Furthermore, the most highlighted event of the year was certainly the Bintaro Design District Festival (BDD) – very well curated by Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono, & Hermawan Tanzil – where we exhibited selected pieces from the Gerhana collection at Kopimanyar, Bintaro. The studio tours and discussion forums held during BDD were very inspiring and insightful. Goban Night was also particularly fun and engaging as a forum. Another forum that we also look forward this December 2018 would be Ibu Arsitek. That essentially wraps up what the team at studio.talk has been up to during 2018, we look forward to welcoming 2019 with high hopes and excitement! On that note, we would like to thank the entire team and all collaborators for their time and support with studio.talk. We wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best Regards, studio.talk
Bintaro Design District
  Gerhana @ Bintaro Design District 2018 studio.talk had the pleasure to exhibit a pair of Super Rattan’s Gerhana collection at Kopimanyar’s 1×1 Exhibition during the first Bintaro Design District (BDD) held on 11th-20th October 2018. BDD Festival’s curators, Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono, & Hermawan Tanzil have created an engaging platform for all cross-discipline designers to be able to share and express all forms of creativity in Architecture and Design. As Permeable Society was this year’s BDD theme, the Stargaze Armchair and the Luna Lamp, pieces designed by studio.talk for Super Rattan, celebrate the many inherent qualities of natural rattan, marrying the heritage of local rattan bending with the sensibilities and needs of modern living. Essentially, the favourite pair – Stargaze and Luna – was curated to portray the permeability of ancestral craftsmanship in a constantly changing culture. This year’s Bintaro Design District has certainly been an exciting event for all designers. We definitely look forward to see what they have in store for all of us next year!

Gerhana by studio.talk for Super Rattan

This year studio.talk premiered its first furniture design collection in collaboration with Super Rattan, a company specializing in rattan craftsmanship. Consisting of an 11-piece living collection – Gerhana – is conceived as a celebration of the many inherent qualities of natural rattan, marrying the heritage of local rattan bending and weaving with the sensibilities and needs of modern living.

Gerhana, inspired by the Indonesian word for lunar eclipse, reflects the ability of natural rattan to achieve sensuous curves, creating geometries which are both playful and feminine. Simultaneously, the collection intends to emulate feelings of being at home in a modern living room with a touch of tropical nostalgia, with the intention that it can be a collection of furniture that can be enjoyed not only by Indonesians, but also adopted in the settings of many houses overseas.

There is no doubt that natural rattan offers a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. It is fast growing, and affordable, making it readily available. Its nature renders it as a material that is easily bendable and malleable to shape, yet also lightweight, durable and appropriate for outdoor purposes, especially in tropical humid conditions.

The Gerhana collection is an attempt to make a come-back in rattan design. For some time now, there has been a decline in interest for rattan furniture, due to a preconceived notion within society of outdated and tired designs. Locally, many say that these types of furniture remind them of their grandparents’ house, hence the increase of unpopularity within the younger generation. Surprisingly, rattan furniture is highly praised within the international market, in places like Japan and Europe. However, most export markets still prefer a former and older design, which does not cater to contemporary taste.

It is this stigma of rattan that Gerhana attempts to break by creating a collection that will allow for it to be accepted by contemporary taste at home as well as abroad – we hope it can help revive a newfound interest in the art of rattan workmanship amongst the younger generations and simultaneously keeping the older craftsmen in the workforce.

studio.talk attempts to challenge the current notion by creating pieces which celebrate the beauty of natural rattan but still remaining casual, simple, flexible and affordable to furnish many various typologies of interior spaces from F&B to offices to homes – a collection for many to appreciate and enjoy.


Photographs by Sugi Hermawan

Asymmetry @ IDentities by BEKRAF x CASA 2018

studio.talk is proud to be able to showcase a furniture piece, titled Asymmetry, at  IDentities exhibition – a wonderful platform by BEKRAF and Casa Indonesia which aims to promote local creative talents and raise design awareness, held between 31.05.18 till 03.06.18 at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place, Jakarta Selatan.

Asymmetry was a solid timber furniture handcrafted by one of our principal architect, Adi Janitra during his university days back in 2010 as part of a solid timber furniture workshop whose theme was to design a piece of arrival and departures whilst celebrating traditional timber joinery techniques in the process. The piece is designed with ‘one-stop shop’ concept in mind, which provides the user a platform to sit on upon entering or leaving the house while simultaneously allowing him or her to perform daily ritual tasks of putting on shoes while finding a place to hang keys, bags, scarves and others – all consolidated into one single piece of furniture that minimizes the need to move around as much while maximising on its functionality as a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Simultaneously, the piece is able to be separated between the horizontal and the vertical elements, enabling it to be easily transportable.