Event: Mumpung di Mampang + Goban Night #15


Mumpung di Mampang + Goban Night #15

As studio.talk’s furniture designs have become more and more of a complete set, the team at studio.talk wanted to celebrate the occasion by transforming the office into a pop-up mini exhibition of STORA & Super Rattan’s collection.

What better way to celebrate than to have friends come over, in which it was studio.talk’s turn to host Goban Night that month and decided that the 15th Goban Night would be the opening night for studio.talk’s mini exhibit, Mumpung di MampangStudio.talk hosted Goban Night on November 20th, 2019 and announced that Mumpung di Mampang pop-up exhibit will be open for public throughout November 21st-25th, 2019.

Familiar faces from the architecture & design community started to warm up the exhibition space and waited for the event to start. Going a little bit different from the usual topic of architecture, that night studio.talk was honoured to have Ibu Maya from Hanara Health & Wellness to present a material that talks about holistic health and how it can relate to the creative industry.

Our body is full of energy, full of vibrations..” Ibu Maya mentioned.

She continued to explain that our body exerts good and bad vibrations. The benefits of keeping the good vibes present in our daily lives will not only effect ourselves personally and the people we work with but also our creative work. Ibu Maya also demonstrated a simple mechanism of bio-feedback, using one’s own body as a way of bench-marking the impacts of good vibes all around us. The room was definitely filled with good vibrations from the audience as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves from all the demonstration.

Everyone at studio.talk certainly had a wonderful time that night! We would like to thank everyone for attending the opening of Mumpung di Mampang at Goban Night #15 and a special thanks to Ibu Maya for the inspiring presentation.

Photographs by Ames & Marsha


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