Exhibition: Borderless Interaction at Bintaro Design District 2019

Exhibition: Borderless Interaction at Bintaro Design District 2019

This year studio.talk has taken BDD’s theme of inclusivity by celebrating the process of design that involves purpose, environment, culture, and human behaviour.   

In collaboration with STORA, we have taken a number of Trio stools, that were initially designed for commercial and hospitality use, into Bintaro’s local environments such as warung vendors, security posts, public installations, etc. that may be untouched to the concept of design.

The idea of these installments is to celebrate the interaction of individuals from various backgrounds with a different take of a common stool, in this case Stora’s Trio stool designed by studio.talk.  BDD visitors are very welcome to stop by the locales. (see map for more information)

The locations that we chose are a variety of culinary and gathering spots in Bintaro. Interesting conversations came up with the locals during the time spent with the stools on site and these are some of the highlights: 


There are situations where the Trio Stool is an eye-catching object:

“Nyaman, lebar untuk didudukin.”

“Kenapa tiga kaki? Illuminati?”

“Bagus, kayunya kokoh. Beli dimana?”

A few question its integrity:

“Kepalanya aga berat, di lahan miring mudah jatuh.”

“Kalo duduknya aga miring, suka ada yang jatuh..”

“Kalau ada sikunya kan pasti lebih nggak goyang. Kaki kita juga bisa nyangga disitu kan, lebih enak minum kopinya.”


To others the Trio Stool is just indifferent:

“Biasa saja, seperti kursi-kursi lainnya.”

In some cases, new ideas pop up:

“Ini pasti Jokowi suka nih, coba kontak Pak Jokowi”

“Wah bener ya pak, Pak Jokowi kan cinta produk lokal ya pak”

“Nah iya, coba dicari tuh WA nya Pak Jokowi”

“Nanti pak saya cari, siapa tau dia mau beli ya pak”


This opportunity has bore fruit to new understandings and fun anecdotes of what a stool may or may not be as a design with the help of Bintaro’s local society. Overall, studio.talk’s Borderless Interaction has not only been an exciting experience for us to portray Stora’s Trio stool in different settings but to engage and discover local favorites in Bintaro.

The team at studio.talk are very pleased and grateful to have collaborated with these Bintaro’s local favorites:

Bubur Ayam Pak Rahmat – Bintaro Sek. 5

Warung Nasi Si Akang – Bintaro Sek. 2

Warung Kopi Ponjay 24 – Bintaro Sek. 3A

Gardu Satpam Perumahan Pondok Jaya – Bintaro Sek. 3A


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