Gerhana @ Bintaro Design District 2018

Bintaro Design District

Bintaro Design District


Gerhana @ Bintaro Design District 2018 had the pleasure to exhibit a pair of Super Rattan’s Gerhana collection at Kopimanyar’s 1×1 Exhibition during the first Bintaro Design District (BDD) held on 11th-20th October 2018. BDD Festival’s curators, Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono, & Hermawan Tanzil have created an engaging platform for all cross-discipline designers to be able to share and express all forms of creativity in Architecture and Design.

As Permeable Society was this year’s BDD theme, the Stargaze Armchair and the Luna Lamp, pieces designed by for Super Rattan, celebrate the many inherent qualities of natural rattan, marrying the heritage of local rattan bending with the sensibilities and needs of modern living. Essentially, the favourite pair – Stargaze and Luna – was curated to portray the permeability of ancestral craftsmanship in a constantly changing culture.

This year’s Bintaro Design District has certainly been an exciting event for all designers. We definitely look forward to see what they have in store for all of us next year!

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