Asymmetry @ IDentities by BEKRAF x CASA 2018

Asymmetry @ IDentities by BEKRAF x CASA 2018 is proud to be able to showcase a furniture piece, titled Asymmetry, at  IDentities exhibition – a wonderful platform by BEKRAF and Casa Indonesia which aims to promote local creative talents and raise design awareness, held between 31.05.18 till 03.06.18 at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place, Jakarta Selatan.

Asymmetry was a solid timber furniture handcrafted by one of our principal architect, Adi Janitra during his university days back in 2010 as part of a solid timber furniture workshop whose theme was to design a piece of arrival and departures whilst celebrating traditional timber joinery techniques in the process. The piece is designed with ‘one-stop shop’ concept in mind, which provides the user a platform to sit on upon entering or leaving the house while simultaneously allowing him or her to perform daily ritual tasks of putting on shoes while finding a place to hang keys, bags, scarves and others – all consolidated into one single piece of furniture that minimizes the need to move around as much while maximising on its functionality as a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Simultaneously, the piece is able to be separated between the horizontal and the vertical elements, enabling it to be easily transportable.


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