Anissa Santoso S.T.


Anissa is a founding director of, having received her Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) from Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia in 2010 prior to joining DP Architects in Singapore. At DP Architects, she was involved in the design of public institutional projects such as NUS University Town project and Sengkang General and Community Hospital. In 2014, she returned to Jakarta to join a multi-national firm and heads the design team for all the regional projects for the firm, ranging from private residential to mid to high rise buildings. A process-oriented individual, she leads the project coordination and contract administration aspects of the building process at to ensure projects move forward and designs are executed accordingly to standard. A working mother of one (so far), her dream is to develop design solutions be it a furniture piece or a larger scale project, which responds directly and contributes positively to more child-friendly environments – a pressing widespread issue which she finds concerning in a developing country such as Indonesia.