Adi Janitra B. Arch. Studies, M. Arch.


A founding director of, Adi received his Bachelor of Architectural Studies, and later on his Master of Architecture from the University of Melbourne in 2008 and 2011 respectively, with short stints at University of California, Berkeley as well as Universität Stuttgart, Germany. Having worked previously in both Melbourne and Jakarta, he has led design teams working on a range of projects, ranging from private residential and hospitality projects to larger master planning exercises. A staunch believer in the importance of experiential and sensorial quality from a user perspective through a particular space, Adi believes in enhancing the inherent character of a particular building or space, furnishing them with his wealth of knowledge in materiality, refined details and contemporary products. The wanderlust of the team, he also constantly draws inspirations from his journeys to new places to discover and engage in other cultures and experiences. An avid scuba diver and a horticultural enthusiasts, he hopes to design a tropical eco resort one day in the far flung pristine corners of South East Asia.